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Pau Hana Intros the Solo SUP

Pau Hana Surf Supply launches revolutionary new design: the world’s first ‘Hikeable’ Paddleboard with Solo SUP™!
Now, alpine lakes or hard-to-access bodies of water are eminently attainable when you have the Solo SUP™ by Pau Hana Surf Supply, an innovative first ‘hikeable’ paddleboard, designed specifically for outdoor adventures, backcountry hikers, fly fishing and bike packing. Check out the video below to find out how your water adventures just got easier.

The Solo SUP™ by Pau Hana Surf Supply is a compact, inflatable SUP with all the bells and whistles for adventure. Intelligently designed, well constructed and lightweight for travel, the Solo SUP™ will inspire your next paddle adventure. “Hikeable” means having all the necessary conveniences of a board and necessities of a hike readily available and self contained inside a single bag that is lightweight and easy to carry.