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Positively Kai: Raised by Legends

The title of episode 11 of the Positively Kai series, Raised by Legends, could not be more appropriate. Kai Lenny, one of the most complete watermen today, has become the amazing athlete we know by being mentored by two of the legends of water sports: Robby Naish and Dave Kalama. Neither Robby, nor Dave need further introduction, as their names only are true icons for action sports fans. Having them by his side has propelled Kai to the front of water sports scene. They must be the best support crew ever.

In the latest Positively Kai installment, Raised by Legends, we find Kai in Hawaii, where, as usual, he heads straight to the water. This time he teams up with the legendary Robby Naish and Dave Kalama to get some sport and life advice. The result is a cool, action packed water adventure.

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