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The Progression Project

PaddleWoo is proud to present The Progression Project, a film by Jason Maughan and Chandler Williams.  During November 2015 Erik Antonson, the host of the PaddleWoo Podcast, invited 9 of the world’s best paddle surfers to Blue Zone SUP, a Costa Rica Paddle Surfing Retreat, to spend 13 days surfing and filming, The Progression Project.

The Progression Project’s mission is in line with the goals of the PaddleWoo Podcast which are to document and define the current state of paddle surfing and to help change the world’s vision of our sport. 

The Progression Project features World Champion Caio Vaz, PPG Champ Mo Freitas, Ultimate Waterman Zane Schweitzer, ISA Gold Medalist Sean Poynter, Brazilian Nation Champ Ian Vaz, surfing prodigies Fisher Grant and Giorgio Gomez, North Shore Waterman Noa Ginella and racing icon Kieran Grant.