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Quarantine SUP Surfing with Anthony Maltese

Anthony Maltese making the most of it and scores a few good ones during US lockdown.

A quick word from Anthony: “Lockdown sucks. Every surfer around the world seems to have been affected by it. Regardless of your beliefs, we are all human beings and it seems we now live in the world where the powers that be want to make it illegal for us to just “be”. We are meant to be outside and not in our cages with designated times to go on a walk. Some countries they can’t even go for a walk. I just wish everyone around the world the best. I want all surfers to be free to surf and travel around the world as we want! LET MY PEOPLE SURF! That all being said, the beach where I live, never closed for exercise. I was extremely fortunate to be able to surf and score this very special day!”