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A Quick Chat with Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton is a legend in SUP world. He is a complete ocean athlete who competed in many world class events so far and managed to win most of them. Last year, SUP Magazine gave Laird the Lifetime Achievement Award for his incredible impact on the sport. It was a well deserved award, since his help progressing standup paddling is unprecedented, as he was instrumental in the pioneering and promotion of the sport.

As the guys at SUP Magazine say, the man and his fame have done more for standup paddling than arguably anybody else on the planet. His exploits in Hawaii and California brought the sport to the masses, his name lent credibility that would lead to SUP’s explosive growth over the past decade and his SUP brand Laird Standup boards are finding their way into lineups everywhere.

Well, the guys at SUP Magazine got the chance to sit down with Laird backstage during the SUP Awards for a quick chat and talked about the confirmation of his SUP dreams, helping people rediscover their surf stoke and surfing golf courses. You can check it all out in the clip below.