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Quiksilver Waterman to Launch Expedition Florida 500 in 2013

Quiksilver Waterman Collection has recently partnered with Mother Ocean and Tahoe SUP in order to launch a new project for 2013. The new project is called XF500 - Expedition Florida 500 and represents an exploration of Florida’s waterways, marine ecosystem and coastline. Florida was discovered by Ponce de Leon back in 1513, so the Expedition Florida 500 is also part of Florida’s 500 years anniversary. The project will last for one year.

Experienced watermen from Quiksilver, Mother Ocean and Tahoe SUP will spend the first half of the year exploring and mapping the coastline of Florida, while also performing cleanups in various local beachside communities.  The second half of the year will be spend exploring the rivers, lakes, estuaries, and marshland of inland Florida. They will be camping in the nature and find their way along waterways on kayaks, SUPs, surf boards and boats.

Expedition Florida 500 was initiated by founder and Executive Director of Mother Ocean, Justin Riney in order to highlight the importance of preserving Earth’s ecosystems. He will also lead the expedition. He stated: “Our goal with Expedition Florida 500 is to merge our passion for ocean advocacy with an incredible storyline that resonates with the masses. With the help of Quiksilver and Tahoe SUP, our voice and platform will reach a global audience. XF500 is just the beginning – we’re rallying the troops.”