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Red Bull Heavy Water – A Hardcore SUP Challenge

Red Bull just announced the newest addition to the Stand Up World Series circuit. It’s called Red Bull Heavy Water and is going to be huge.

Red Bull Heavy Water is probably the most difficult stand up paddle race ever created. With an event window that takes up most of September, 40 of the world’s finest SUP athletes will start at the infamous Ocean Beach and finish under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Waves at OB must be more than 10 feet high, where competitors will have to paddle out through the surf and back to the beach not once, but twice. Afterwards, they’ll paddle around Lands End towards the Golden Gate. As everyone knows, the ocean in that neck of the woods is not friendly.

The event has a prize purse of $50,000, with $20,000 of that going into the winner’s pocket. That’s the highest first place prize of any SUP event ever, and good news for the financially struggling Waterman League.

Since Red Bull Heavy Water is such a dangerous contest, the competitors must all be at the absolute top of the game. So far, they include Kai Lenny (HI), Connor Baxter (HI), the 2014 World Champ, Casper Steinfath (DK), Zane Schweitzer (HI), Leonard Nika (IT), Arthur Arutkin (FR), Mo Freitas (HI), Jake Jensen (AUS), Travis Grant (AUS), Eric Terrien (FR), Kody Kerbox (HI), Slater Trout (USA), Fernando Stalla (MEX) and Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen (San Francisco local).  There will be 15 wildcard spots available for open entry, subject to a screening process to ensure safety standards are met.