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Red Paddle Co Intros Ultra Compact SUPs

Red Paddle Co, the most popular inflatable paddleboard company in the world, is excited to share their latest game-changing SUP. The highly engineered 9’6” Compact is a full sized SUP that folds down to half the size of a conventional inflatable paddle board. Challenging the standard approach to travelling with a paddle board, the 9’6” Compact has been engineered to make paddle boarding as accessible and easy as possible. The innovative new board offers a lightweight yet durable design making it the perfect board to sling on your shoulder, jump on a train or head out on a hike in search of your very own SUP adventure.

“The 9’6” Compact uses our PACT™ technology, which features a new weaving process to create an extra-high-tensile thread matrix at the core of the board,” says Phil Hawthorne, Head of Design at Red Paddle Co. “This international patent-pending innovation is combined with a super-strong yet malleable outer layer and quad stringer system to deliver a board that is as rigid as the rest of our range when inflated, yet packs down to an ultra-small size, once deflated.”

The Compact board comes as part of a full package including the newly designed backpack with unique levels of adjustability and comfort, plus incredible shoulder and back support, as well as the revolutionary 5-piece paddle, Titan pump, leash and removable twin click-fins.