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Rock Hopping with Vince Shay and Fletcher Burton

Vince Shay and Fletcher Burton are not only two paddling sports addicts with a lot of talent and determination, but also two guys in search of the ultimate challenge and pure adrenaline. Their passions, waveski, kayak and SUP, takes them on cool adventures in beautiful places across the world.

Their latest adventure was a rock hopping flick, standup paddling in ocean rock gardens with wave surges, in the waters of California’s Central Coast.

Here’s how Vince Shay defines rock hopping: “Rock hopping is just something that we came up with when we were younger. We would practice on river kayaks on over pours and stuff. I think Fletcher came up with it. It’s literally hopping over rocks using a kayak or standup.”

You can check out what it is all about in the video below!