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Shane Perrin Embarks on the ‘Iron Athlete’ Expedition

Shane Perrin is a true waterman and a passionate SUPer. His passion for long distance SUP runs got him the nickname “The Stand up Guy”. To prove his skills and determination, Shane will embark on what he is calling expedition "Iron Athlete" expedition on the 20th of July. It is no easy task, since this expedition involves 3 combined back to back journeys.

He will complete the ‘100 Mile Paddle’ on the 20th and 21th of July, then he will drive approximately 24 hours back to his home state of Missouri where he will rest and prepare for the MR340, a non-stop race spanning 340 miles on the Missouri river from Kansas City to St. Charles, race which begins on July 23rd and will paddle straight through July 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

Afterwards, on the evening of the 26th Shane will being the 3rd expedition and one that he has never before attempted, a land paddle crossing 100 miles of Illinois roads while towing a SUP behind his skateboard. At the end of the 100 mile road, he will attach the skateboard on top of the paddle board and SUP 100 miles down the Mississippi river to end at the Arch in St. Louis.

The entire adventure will be filmed and the documentary ‘Stand Up Guy – Iron Athlete’ will be released soon.