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Shane Perrin Sets a New SUP Record

St. Louis rider Shane Perrin is a guy that likes a good challenge. Especially when it comes to SUP, one of his greatest passions. Shane is the first SUP athlete to complete several endurance races, such as La Ruta Maya, The Texas Water Safari, and the MR340, races that are usually done in kayaks.

Well, completing those challenging races was not enough for him. Shane just established a new record for most still water miles paddled in 24 hours. He paddled nonstop no less than 95.6 miles. The women’s record in this unusual category is 90.7 miles, while no men’s standard had been set. The man who owns the record for most moving water miles paddle in 24 hours is Ben Friberg with 238.

It was not n easy task, as Shane had to face strong wind, dropped paddles and had to paddle with a swollen hand due to a previous accident, but he managed to complete his task successfully. And he won’t stop here. Shane will head next to the US Virgin Islands for a 100-mile paddle.

Shane’s efforts support the ‘Live Love SUP ’ fundraising campaign, a charity which aims to support and help the people in the world living without access to clean water.