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Shark Attacks 15 Years Girl While Paddling

The event took place last Sunday. The 15 years old girl was enjoying a SUP sessions with a group of people, on the coast of Santa Catalina Island, California, just 200 yards from the shore. While she was paddling, a shark approached the board and took several bites out of it. The girl was not harmed, but it must have been a terrible experience for her.

The bites were measuring up to 20" in length and it is presumed that the shark was about 17 feet.  However, there is no positive identification regarding what type of shark attacked the girl, but people think it was a White Shark. The LA County Fire department, which is in charge of patrolling Catalina Island, stated that according to the shark bites, the shark was only curious about the board and was not interested in the rider.

In a recent press release, the LA County Fire department officials warned that shark attacks are rare, but can be vicious and the people need to be cautious. The LA County Fire department patrols will keep surveying the area to prevent such attacks.