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SIC Maui Welcomes Andrey Kraytor to the Team

SIC Maui has just announced Russian SUP Racer Andrey Kraytor has joined the SIC Race Team!

Andrey is Russia’s SUP Race National Champion and placed 4th on the 200m sprints at ICF SUP Worlds in 2019 in China – after only 2 years of SUP racing. Besides being a top SUP race competitor, Andrey is also an Olympic Canoe Athlete, 2x World Champion, and 2x European Champion. When he is not training to race, Andrey coaches and trains SUP and Canoe athletes worldwide though the Paddle Monster program. He also coaches the Chinese Women’s National Team in Canoe Sprint and is in charge of the 1st Chinese SUP Development program.

Andrey was born in the center of Ukraine in a small town called Olshanka, far from any sea or ocean, 28 years ago. His father being a canoe sprint coach, Andrey’s canoe background has been naturally a big part of his life. After he finished middle school, Andrey Kraytor moved to Azerbaijan to paddle under their flag, and then moved to Russia to become an Olympian with the Russian Olympic team in Rio in 2016.