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A Stand up Paddle Movie 2 – You Can Get Involved

You are probably familiar with A Stand up Paddle Movie, one of the most watched SUP documentaries. It is an awesome film, but Jeff Vasquez and a few of his mates from California want to share more with the SUP community and decided to start filming the sequel next year.

And to do that, they need help. They listed their project on as they require funding. Colin McPhillips, Candice Appelby, Patrice Chanzy, Brennan Rose and Daniel Hughes, the stars of the first movie, all support this project and are contributing to the funding by offering one-on-one skills clinics with contributors (at the cost of $200 each). You can also make smaller pledges. A pledge of $20 will get you a surf hat with the film logo all over it, and $30 will get you a pre-release copy of the movie once it’s finished. Or, $3000 and you can travel with the crew for a week of filming.

A Stand Up Paddle Movie 2 will feature the best Stand Up Paddle Surfers, riding the most amazing waves around the world, as the guys involved in the project say.

A quick word from them: “Taking the world's best stand up paddle surfers on tour to ride the world's most epic waves requires a serious travel budget. The funds raised from our Kickstarter campaign will help us fund our travel expenses.  With the success of our first feature length documentary on stand up paddle sports, A Stand Up Paddle Movie,  we have met the best surfers from around the world.  Our story will be about our travel adventure in search of the best waves.  We promise to deliver a beautiful feature length documentary, filled with amazing surf, adventure, history, culture, and aloha. Come along with us and enjoy this surf adventure by purchasing one of our many unique rewards. With your name in the credits, you will forever be part of the best Stand Up Paddle Surfing Movie ever made and a part of surf history. ”

You can support their efforts by making a small (or larger) pledge on Kickstarter.