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Standup for the Cure – Fight against Breast Cancer

Standup for the Cure is an event organized by Judie Vivian, a Breast Cancer Survivor. She is also an advocate for the Orange County Chapter of the Susan G Komen Foundation and fights to help other women in their battle against Breast Cancer or prevent them from experiencing this condition. This event is intended to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Breast Cancer, with the help of Susan G Komen Foundation.

Stand up Paddling was chosen as the perfect sport to support the Standup for the Cure initiative: Since standup paddling is such fun I felt it would be a perfect activity for all the family to raise awareness and funds for this great cause…..Imagine a fleet of paddlers on Standup Paddleboards wearing pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness!”

The Standup for the Cure event takes place on the 5th of May 2012 at the Newport Dunes Facility in Newport Beach, California. The event is open to anyone that loves water sports and wants to help Judie Vivian and the Susan G Komen Foundation in their fight against Breast cancer. At the Standup for the Cure event, participants can attend team relay races, kid races, live music, gear exhibitions, SUP yoga demos, clinics and much more.

You can too support this initiative and other similar initiative by participating in this event, or making a donation on the Standup for the Cure website.