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Standup for the Cure Was a Success

Standup for the Cure, a SUP event intended to promote the fight against Brest Cancer and raise funds for the Susan G Komen Foundation took place this Saturday at Newport Beach, in California. The event was initiated by Judi Vivian, a Brest Cancer survivor, and it was a great success.

Over 700 participants gathered for the Standup for the Cure event, and attended the race, expos, demos, fundraising and live concerts. People of all ages gathered to help Judi Vivian and the Susan G Komen Foundation in their battle against Brest Cancer. Zane Schweitzer, a well known professional SUP athlete held a SUP clinic and managed to break the Guinness World Record for largest SUP lesson, as no less than 414 attended his lessons.

Van Dyck, Event Director, expects the proceeds from the event to reach $50,000. He said: “Of every event I’ve participated in, this was the largest and most successful. I expected it to be a small community event with around 300 people, but it greatly exceeded that. We raised about $30,000 so far, but not everything has been taken into account and tallied, so I’m expecting our total will be around $50,000, if not more. This also had to be one of the largest one-day fundraising events, as well as one of the largest one-day demos. […]Schweitzer was a great person to have at the event because he’s such a cool kid and helped bring in the youth. We had a really good broad mix of participants.”