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Standup World Series Schedule Available

The Standup World Series represents the World Championship Series, an array of competitions dedicated to Stand Up Paddle Racers. The Championship gathers 15 World Qualifying races which take place in 11 different countries. The racers that qualify in the World Championship Finals will compete for the World Racing Champion crown.

The 2012 Standup World Series started in November 2011 with the Namotu World Paddle Challenge, Fiji, a 5 Star event, and it will end with the World Championship Finals at Turtle Bay, Hawaii, in October 2012. There is a prize pool of over $250,000 this year for the competitors and spectacular action to watch for the audience.

The Standup World Series Schedule:

Namotu World Paddle Challenge, Fiji: 13th – 18th November 2011 (5 Star)
CamSur World Paddle Challenge, Philippines: 19th – 22nd April, 2012 (Prime)
La Torche Grand Slam, France: 5th – 6th May, 2012 (3 Star)
St. Tropez SUP Race Cup, France: 26th – 27th May, 2012 (4 Star)
Anzio Stand Up Paddle Challenge: 9th – 10th June, 2012 (status tbd)
Ile d’Oleron Stand Up Paddle Challenge, France: 23rd – 24th June, 2012 (4 Star)
Chicago World Paddle Challenge, USA: June 30th – July 1st (Prime)
Copenhagen Paddle Challenge, Denmark: 7th – 8th July, 2012 (status tbd)
Varberg World Paddle Challenge, Sweden: 14th – 15th July (Prime)
Maui Naish Paddleboard Race, Hawaii: 21st – 22nd July, 2012 (Status tbd)
Na Pali Paddleboard Race, Hawaii: 4th – 5th August, 2012 (Status tbd)
Brazil Grand Slam: 1st – 2nd September 2012 (Status tbd)
Florida Stand Up Paddle Challenge USA: 8th – 9th September 2012 (Prime)
Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam, USA: 15th – 17th September, 2012 (Prime)
Tahoe World Paddle Challenge, USA: 22nd – 23rd September, 2012 (Status tbd)
World Championship Finals at Turtle Bay, Hawaii: 12th – 14th October, 2012
Invitational: Namotu World Paddle Challenge, Fiji: 11th – 17th November 2012