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Starboard and the ICF Become Environmental Action Partners

February 10th 2021, marks the day that the International Canoe Federation (ICF) and Starboard become Environmental Action Partners. Directing, all disciplines under the International Canoe Federation towards a more environmentally positive pathway.

The partnership has ignited as the International Canoe Federation is reinforcing its commitments towards protecting the environment. With a specific focus on protecting the natural resource that life on earth depends upon, water. Additionally, ICF wants to take action in every way possible. Starting with monitoring carbon footprints and balancing these emissions using natural techniques, such as mangrove planting. With Starboard’s mission to “Bring inspiration and innovation to the world of wind and water.” aligning with the ICF Starboard Blue hopes to lead and inspire environmental change. Whilst also protecting the big blue playground that we share, and to help the planet heal with our actions.

The International Canoe Federation partnering with the SUP and Windsurf brand Starboard for positive environmental action is, quite possibly, the first time in history that an international sports federation has collaborated within the private sector. This big step brings together a community of lifestyle paddlers with a community of athletes.

Progressing forwards, the International Canoe Federation with Starboard as the Official Environmental Action Partner brings together their common positivity for the planet. Implementing action at the ICF Stand Up World Championships and beyond. Meanwhile, Starboard will be working with the ICF to make every World Championship event on the lead up to the World Championships become climate neutral. Growing this action further, each SUP World Championship event will have 10 times the amount of mangroves planted. Absorbing the emissions of travel and electricity 10 times over!