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Sunset Beach Pro: Final Day Highlights

Yesterday we were telling you about the Sunset beach Pro, the first event of the 2013 Stand Up World Tour series, which proved to be an exceptional one and how Kai Lenny managed to nail the tilte for the third time.

Turtle Bay Resort has become the home of world class SUP riders these days. They all showcased their elite skills in challenging conditions, and managed to stage an incredible show on the waters of Oahu, Hawaii.

Kai Lenny, the Hawaiian Naish team rider proved to be the best rider, claiming the first place and becoming the 2013 Sunset Beach Pro Champion. He was followed by Robin Johnson from Oahu in second place and Maui rider Kody Kerbox in the third place.

Waterman League officials stated that "critical and high risk turns completed with skill and flair, impressing the judges and crowd alike and earning him the first notch on his belt towards the 2013 World Title."

But enough talk. If you could not attend the 2013 Sunset Beach Pro, it’s time to take a look at the final day highlights in the related videos section below. The video is packed with amazing action.