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SUP ATX Announce New Puakea Paddles Series

The guys at SUP ATX are proud to announce the new Puakea Designs Standup Paddles, paddles designed and tested by Johnny Puakea. You must know that Johnny Puakea is a renowned paddler, Olympic coach and canoe builder plus a true waterman. This is Johnny Puakea’s first step into the world of SUP and we are sure that the new paddles will bring value added to the sport. SUP ATX will release the first Johnny Puakea on the market this fall.

The paddles will feature a full carbon fiber construction and will weigh less than 15 ounces. They will also be available at an affordable price.  These paddles are designed to increase your stroke efficiency and make each of your sessions fun and comfortable.

SUP ATX CEO Chris Dunn states: “It has always been the goal of SUP ATX to make standup paddling accessible, both financially and logistically, to the everyday paddler. There is no reason why that goal cannot include top of the line equipment.”

And Johnny’s contribution to the development of the new paddles is essential, as Dana Point Outrigger Canoe Club Coach and SUP ATX Elite team paddler Tyson Poppler says: “Johnny Puakea is the Coach K of paddling sports. Everything he touches leads to better paddling.”