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SUP to be Banned by US Coast Guard?

The US Coast Guard issued a special rule that bans stand up paddle boarding in the US after the tragic death of a SUP athlete in river rapids. He is not the first victim of this sport, as statistics show. The rule will be revised by water sports authorities and it will probably become effective later this year. It will also probably affect the international SUP community.

The news has been made public by several SUP related online publications on the 1st of April.

If the announcement would not have been made on the 1st of April, it would have probably triggered a mass outrage among the US water sports community. But soon after it was made, everyone realized that it was just part of an April fool’s day prank and relaxed.

April fool’s day is part of the American tradition and it is a day dedicated to pranks. The SUP enthusiasts from across the US chilled, grabbed a beer and had a laugh after hearing the “bad news”.