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SUP for a Cause on the Wolf River

A group of eight daring riders will set on the Stand up Against Slavery  SUP journey of one week on the Wolf River on the 7th of April. The group of paddlers, which gathers renowned adventurers like Dave Cornthwaite from the UK and Rod Wellington from Canada, will travel for more than 105 miles, as the journey starts from the source of the river and ends at its confluence with the Mississippi River. The paddlers will face snake infested swamps and make their way though muddy marsh, but will also witness the beauty of wild nature.

This journey has a noble purpose, as the paddlers aim to raise $5000 through their initiative, in order to support the work of Operation Broken Silence, a nonprofit organization based in Memphis, which fights to protect the innocent by confronting social injustices.

Anyone is invited to join their journey and help Operation Broken Silence carry on its projects. You can be a part of this initiative, have fun of the water and win great prizes. To get involved in this project, please visit the Stand up Against Slavery website or the Operation Broken Silence website.