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SUP City: Connecting SUP Enthusiasts from Across the Globe

If you are a SUP fan, you must become a SUPcitizen. You can do that by joining SUP City, a new and growing online community connecting Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board enthusiasts around the world. This new network connects members through the things that are important to them, such as coastal surfing, inland touring, white water adventure, competition racing, and yoga.

Sup City also offers its members the chance to upload photos and videos, post articles, join interesting discussions, post ads, and create events and more. It also provides a trusted marketplace for retailers to sell products through their own customizable storefronts.

Registration is free, but if you want to consider the paid subscription option, you must know that it’s only $25 per year and the money goes to the Standup Paddle Foundation Inc, a non-profit charity promoting the healthy lifestyle of standup paddle for kids.

A quick word from Terry Jaggers, the ‘Mayor’ of SUP City: “Where ever there is water, there are ways to enjoy SUP. With so many wonderful places to visit around the planet, and so many diverse ways to experience those places on SUP, we believe the world is truly a “SUPcity” to explore. […]At SUPcity we embrace these upstanding personal and community values and all people who share them. We believe SUP to be a “stand up lifestyle” and people who immerse themselves in this lifestyle to be standup citizens. You have our commitment to ensure this site represents this philosophy for all of our fellow SUPcitizens!”