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SUP Marathon Series - A Brand New International Competition

The SUP Marathon Series is a new international SUP competition being introduced to the stand up paddle community this summer. It is a competition which aims to bring paddlers in an international long distance SUP series with the same standards of organization and quality no matter where the event takes place.

The SMS (SUP Marathon Series) is dedicated to all riders who love long distance paddles and endurance paddling. The first event in the series, Spain24, takes place in Cantabria, Spain, on the 13th and 14th of July. It will be the first 24-hour SUP event in the world. This event is brought to you by ProTeams and has the endorsement of lOSU (International Outdoor Sports Union) and the FCS Cantabrian Surfing Federation.

Organizers have planned several other events to take place soon after the first challenge of the SMS is over. The following events will take place in Sella in Spain, Patagonia in Argentina, Lake Baikal in Siberia and Costa Rica.