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The SUP Nation Challenge Announced

We have been faced with one of the greatest challenges of our time with the continued persistence of the global pandemic. This has caused event cancellations around the world of all sizes, economic hardship and health consequences to many. The SUP community is no exception.

With that said, the Latvian Surfing and SUP federation are putting into motion a new SUP competition format through which their goal is for SUP enthusiasts and athletes around the world to continue their daily SUP workouts in a race mode doing it remotely.

The SUP Nation Challenge is a worldwide remote Stand up Paddle (SUP) competition with self-recorded times, operating according to Olympic principles and fair play. This is an unusual and exciting way to participate in major international competition by "staying home". This Challenge is a compilation of regular workouts, races, fun and partly also fundraising for oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife.

The event will even include swag boxes, real cups, medals, diplomas and even prizes, all sent by post to each winner’s mailing addresses, and printable certificates of participation sent by email.
The SUP Nation Challenge (SNC) takes place continuously throughout the year and is divided into 4 seasons - Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring with monthly stages in each. Each Season race formats differ from other and each one has a different Rulebook. Over the first three stages, on offer are 480 possible individual races. You will witness your own progress over time, as well as each other in online rankings.