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SUP Tips with Connor Baxter: Beach Start

In this short video with Connor Baxter detailing how to perform a very fast SUP Race beach start, you can see how it works!

A quick word from Connor: “The first thing I always like to say is, know what side you want to start with. My strong side and my quick side in on the left side, so I’ll always take my first stroke on my left side. I have my board and my paddle all on my left side of my body so when I run into the water and I jump up, I’m already ready to take my first stroke on the left side.

Having the handle on the side of the board is key to a beach start. It’s kind of … to your toes/knees before you pop up after a little bit of glide, to make sure that your board stays stable on the surface. The board goes in, the knees kind of touch the board, let it glide for a second and then straight up to my feet.

The biggest thing I would work on and suggest is timing. So just run in down into the water in an area where you know there is not many rocks and reefs knowing when to put your board down after you take that 1 or 2 steps into the water. Having the handles by the side of the board is going to allow you to carry your board flat and run alongside to make an easy skim across the surface.”