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SUP Tips: Repairing Leaks in Inflatable Boards

The inflatable SUP board is a highly versatile weapon, but a delicate piece of equipment at the same time. Although most boards feature a ruggedized structure, using them on a daily basis and riding in tougher conditions, such as in rocky rivers or coral waters, can result in more or less damage for the board.

Well, minor damage like air leaks can be repaired without much hassle. You don’t even need to go to a repair shop if the leak is not a major one. You can use dedicated repair kits or even ‘home made’ kites. Usually, such a kit contains scissors, brushes, soap, patches glue and tool pens.

The repair procedure is quite simple. Just clean the leak area, get a piece of patch, apply glue to the leak area and patch, apply the patch and clean the excess glue. Now wait for the glue to dry and go out and have fun.