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SUP Tips by SIC: How to Get Back on the Board

The fear of falling off can sometimes hold us back from having fun.

So, if the weather is nice enough and it’s warm enough and the water is warm, sometimes it’s a good idea to fall in first and practice getting back on your board to build your confidence.

If it’s a colder day, you may want to wait until the end of your stand up paddle session or wait until you fall off you paddle board unintentionally.

When you fall off your SUP board, you want to fall off spectacularly. You dont’ want to try and catch yourself on the board, because the board is hard, the water is soft.

It’s much better to fall off completely and then get back on.

Also, you don’t want to jump into the water feet first, you want to jump long and shallow. Because you don’t know what’s under the water, it might look deep but ultimately you don’t really know.