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SUP Wheels Presents Revolution

The guys at SUP Wheels had a nice success with the launch of their first SUP board transportation system, the SUP Carrier. Well, they’ve kicked off the new season with the launch of a new and improved SUP Carrier, the SUP Wheels Evolution.

The SUP Wheels Evolution is based on the first SUP Wheels Carrier design, but it offers even more transport options. A first difference between the two systems is that the Evolution features new strap handle system that attaches to the unit allowing easy one-handed transport of your board to the water. And this strap can also be attached to a bicycle to be towed.

You can attach the strap handle to virtually any bike seat without using any tools. And once you hit the destination, you just unloop the strap handle from the seat and use it to wheel your board straight to the water. A hammock harness system on the strap cradles the board with no fear of the potential board damage and delamination during transport.

All SUP Wheels products are manufactured in Pensacola, Florida, USA.