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SUPAA - For Paddlers by Paddlers

SUPAA – Stand up Paddle Athletes Association is a new organization dedicated to support the needs of all professional SUP athletes. The growing frustration amongst the professional SUP athletes over disorganized races and wishy washy rules lead to the birth of this organization. And this is why all the top paddlers got together at an initial meeting on the side lines of the Battle of the Paddle to lay out their ideas about the frame work and future of professional SUP-Racing.

SUPAA is founded by Chase Kosterlitz, and can easily be compared to the ASP (The Association of Surfing Professionals). Although Chase said that the SUPAA was not meant to be a sanctioning body for SUP Races, he is now considering this path according to Ridingbumbs. The SUPAA will officially launch on the 31st of December.

You can follow SUPAA on Facebook or sign up on the official website.