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The Supconnect Awards Are on the Way

The 3rd annual edition of the Supconnect Awards begins in April. The Supconnect Awards is an international event that celebrates SUP as a sport and as an industry. It is the largest event of its kind and gathers a large number of participants. 

The nominees for the Supconnect Awards undergo a process that includes nominating, voting, and judging. SUP fans from all over the world are invited to submit the profile of their favorite SUP athletes and encourage them to win the Awards. The nominees will undergo an open round of votes and afterwards the judges will designate the winners. The final result is based on the rider’s profiles, public vote and on the results of a poll taken among the nominees themselves.

The Supconnect Awards is accessible to anyone through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the Supconnect website. Anyone can support their favorite rider and brand by participating in the Supconnect Awards. Titles will be awarded for the Man of the Year, Woman of the Year, Grom of the Year, Couple of the Year and Shaper and Shop of the Year.