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Supconnect Launches a New Photo Contest Edition

The guys at Supconnect are proud to announce that the Photo of the Month contest is open for business this season. This contest proved to be a huge success in 2013, as riders from all over the world submitted cool photos. The guys at Supconnect and their audience loved it.

And that is why a new edition of the contest begins. Capture the spirit of stand up paddling in one of your photos and share it with the world. It has to be about SUP, but not about a particular style or discipline. It can feature aspects of racing, surfing, river rides, SUP Yoga, SUP fishing, touring or anything else you can think of.

To enter the Photo of the Month contest, just click this link, follow the instructions and upload a photo, vote for your favorite photo and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also use the hashtag #Supconnect while sharing your photo(s) on Twitter and Instagram. The number of likes on Instagram and retweets on twitter will be important when choosing the winner.

Good luck!