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SUPConnect Launches SUP Man of the Year Contest

Get ready for the 3rd edition of the Supconnect Awards! The 2012 edition of the SUP Man of the Year Contest organized by the guys at SUPConnect has just kicked off. This contest will decide the best SUP athlete of 2012, based on several criteria, such as public voting, ambassadorship, grassroots involvement in Stand up Paddle or performance. Antoine Delpero won the title in 2011 and Chuck Patterson in 2010. We are all curious who will be the 2012 SUP Man of the Year.

The process of deciding the SUP Man of the Year consists of two distinct phases. First there is an open round / nomination period. This phase allows fans to nominate their favorite SUP rider. To nominate a specific rider, you must access the SUP Man Nominations App on the SUPConnect Facebook page. Once you do that, you must enter the name of the athlete, together with a photo and a description of why he deserves be the 2012 SUP Man of the Year.

Depending on the number of votes and description, the top 5 nominees will advance to phase 2 of the contest. This phase includes pre-seeded elite athletes along with the top 5 stand up paddlers from the open nominations. They will all be featured on the SupConnect Facebook page alongside impressive photos and bios and the fans will have the chance to vote for them. The number of votes will not be visible this time.

The SUP Man of the Year will be decided based upon the criteria mentioned above.