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Surftech to Develop New SUPs for Fitness and Fun

Surftech is proud to announce a new and ongoing collaboration with Pura Vida and Prana, these collab products are built in both Tuflite V-Tech and Air-Travel constructions. The Pura Vida Jetsetter (retailing at $999) bridges the gap between recreational paddling and adventure touring by combining a displacement and planing hull into one design that is both stable and fast. Surtech’s product development team optimized every part of the Jetsetter for female paddlers with ambitious outdoor fitness goals and finished with a beautiful co-developed graphic.

Two high-end carbon Surftech / Pura Vida paddles with matching graphics will be available that merchandise ideally. For the paddler who wants to exercise their buying power to make the world a better place without sacrificing performance the Outside Magazine rated “Gear of the Year” Catalyst with Prana graphics and The Prana Aleka (retailing at $1335) are built with a molded bamboo micro-sandwich construction, GreenPoxy® Bio Resin, and an algae foam deck pad from Bloom™.

The premium eco-construction is met with a Joe BARK’s (shaper of the Catalyst and Aleka), precision shape designed specifically for the recreational paddler. Paddlers will be able to add matching paddles and leashes to the Aleka. Both Pura Vida and Prana collaborations include products are also available in Surtech’s Air-Travel Inflatable construction. The Pura Vida Monarch (retailing at $960) and Prana Alta (retailing at $935) deliver the same well-rounded performance but in an easy to transport package consisting of board, pump, fin, and a roller bag/backpack combo.

Surftech’s Air-travel inflatable models allow paddlers to easily transport their boards wherever they need to go, meaning using not having a board to avoid a paddle is no longer an excuse. Diligent attention to feedback from Pura Vida and Prana are evident in the way all Surftech’s new collaboration products fulfill the needs of female outdoor enthusiasts looking for fun ways to get fit.