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Surftech Shootout 2013: The Full Story

Surftech Shootout has started back in 2008 as an Expression Session, but rapidly grown into one of the most popular SUP events in water sports world. Today, the Surftech Shootout is a premier international SUP surf event which gathers elite riders from across the world and a huge audience.

The 2013 Surftech Shootout was a huge success. The best riders in the world competed for cool prizes and fame. Unlike previous years, the weather was gorgeous and the overall conditions were ideal for a perfect race. All riders staged an incredible show, but Candice Appleby and Slater Trout really excelled and claimed the 2013 Surf & Sand duel race titles.

If you missed this great event, don’t worry, because the guys at Supconnect have captured the entire Surftech Shootout race on tape, and you can watch the full length video below.
As a bonus, you can also watch the Pre-Show and Post-Show also.