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Tackling the Future of SUP with Jim Terrel

Jim Terrel is the CEO of Quickblades, but he is also a true waterman. He is a four time Olympic Canoeist and has a true passion for competitive Stand Up Paddle racing. He knows almost everything to know, if not everything about the design of high performance paddling gear.

In an article with Sup Racer a few days ago, he talks about the evolution of SUP and what the future will bring. He believes, and we tend to agree, that without precise regulations, board designers will start crafting boards that no longer put to the test the strength and endurance in a competition. His opinion is that a new 4m class of boards should be introduced. Boards that have specific regulations when it comes to width, length and even design features. This way all competitors are on an even playing field and only elite riders will be at the top of competitive racing.

Here’s what he says: “We’re going to see race boards that are impossible to paddle for all but the most elite, well-balanced paddlers. We’ll lose the accessibility that made this sport so popular in the first place. And we’ll also lose our association with surfing altogether.”

And you can check Jim testing out a super narrow board in the video below. It is difficult to keep under control such a beast, but elite riders will manage it.