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Tidal Bore SUP World Record Set by Robby Naish

Robby Naish is a true legend of water sports. He is one of the most complete athletes in the world, a influential windsurfer, kiteboarder and standup paddler. Robby has won many important titles in world class competitions over the years and has achieved many unofficial world records, but has also helped shape the future of water sports.

Well, the acclaimed water sports athlete is no 51 years old and seems to be in the mood for setting a new world record, which he already did. Robby ventured on the famous Pororoca tidal bore on the Amazon River in Brazil, and, according to the Guinness World Records, he set the record for the widest ride of a river tidal bore on a standup paddleboard at 1,476 feet and 4 inches.

This is a great achievement, but it was no easy task, as Robby says: “The main challenge with the width record was trying to get from one side to the other as the bore tide wave shifts, because it is never connected all the way across at once. You weren’t just standing there riding one peak for ages. You had to look at the contour of the side of the river and figure out what to do to follow the wave.”

Robby spent three days on the attempt, successfully crossing from bank to bank in just under 10 minutes.