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Tips from Cody White to Get You SUPing in No Time

Cody White is a certified SUP instructor and a complete waterman. He has a true passion for water sports and loves to share it with the rest of the world. According to Cody and to other instructors, SUP is not hard to learn, if you follow a few basic guidelines. Here are a few tips from him to get you SUPing fast and easy.

First take a few lessons. They are not expensive and will help you get accustomed to this sport easily. “The key to mastering paddleboarding isn’t about how strong you are, but rather it’s all about technique” says Cody.
When setting on the water you need to focus on your core rather than on your arms. “Beginners may not realize that you won’t last long by using your arms more than your core,” says Cody. “That’s because your core is a bigger and stronger muscle group, and the water constantly changes so you have to be mindful about keeping your midsection engaged for better balance and endurance.”

Make sure to use the right gear. Get a board and a paddle that fit your needs, according to your height, weight, power and skill level. Also make sure to use a PFD. You can test several paddles and boards before you find one to match your needs. Cody says: “One of the worst things you can do when starting any sport is to get the wrong equipment. If you get a board that’s too small for your weight or ability, it will be unstable and you’ll think SUP is too hard or that you suck.
The key to finding a good fit is to talk to a certified paddleboard expert and try out the boards in the water before you buy them to get an idea about how they handle.
A good rule of thumb is to choose a paddle that’s about 10 inches taller than you if you’re flat-water paddling. The grip should be at mid-palm with shoulders square and hand extended overhead.”

Follow Cody’s instructions and you will have no trouble in becoming a good SUP rider in no time. Stay tuned, as we will return with several other tips to help you enjoy a great SUP experience.