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A Tour of Kai Lenny’s Hawaiian Hometown

After suiting up in a real business A J.Crew men's suit to hit the waters of Hawaii with his kite and than his SUP board, Kai Lenny suits up for another cool video, brought to you by the same guys at GQ Magazine, video part of an 8-episode film series about one of the best watermen out there.

This video is a bit different. In his hometown of Paia, on the island of Maui, Kai Lenny speaks of his ambitions both on and off the water. He takes the time to detail the rich history of his board collection, and how it relates to his own personal development.

Check it out in the related videos section below and check out how Kai sees himself in the world, and what he aspires to be. You will find out that if you take away the fancy cars, the huge house and the tailored suit, he's still going to be sitting on a beach in his boardies, with a paddle under his arm and a smile on his face.