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Tower Paddle Boards Stars on Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an entrepreneur reality show realized and presented by ABC. This year ABC hosts the third season of the reality show, and more than 24,000 entrepreneurs from across the US applied to compete on Shark Tank. This show is rated among the top Friday night shows in America, so appearing in it is a big chance for any entrepreneur that wants to develop his business.

Stephan Aarstol, a standup paddleboard entrepreneur and a SUP enthusiast was selected by the Shark Tank crew to appear on the reality show on March 16th, 2012. Stephan Aarstol is the founder of Tower Paddle Boards, a SUP board manufacturing company. The company does not operate through any retail resellers or distributors and the boards can be purchased directly from the company’s headquarters or from its website. 

Although the company was founded less than a year ago, the high quality of the boards and the web marketing and direct-to-consumer eCommerce business model allowed it to compete with the well established SUP brands already on the market.

On Friday, March the 16th, Stephan will showcase his company to several potential investors, including to Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, Daymond John, founder of clothing brand FUBU, Barbara Corcoran, real estate investor and several others. If they decide to invest in Stephan’s company, it could help him reach global market quite soon.

Stephan Aarstol stated: “Our getting selected to be on Shark Tank is a great honor and opportunity for our business, but it is also a huge plug for the entire SUP industry. This sport is still relatively unknown in many parts of the country, so it’s likely that this one 15-minute primetime segment could introduce several million new people to the great sport of standup paddling.”