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Victoria Burgess Sets New SUP World Record

After 27 hours and 48 minutes, Burgess secured the title and world record as the fastest individual female paddler to cross the Florida Straits via SUP.

On the 114.5 mile journey from Cuba to Key West, the 33-year-old encountered strong winds, rough waters and her GPS tracking device was claimed by the sea. Despite setbacks, Burgess remained strong, relying on her training, nutrition and the support of her crew to propel her forward.

A quick word from Victoria: “The most challenging part was about an hour after dark. I was tired and struggling to not quit. I was questioning why I was doing this. I realized how long I had been paddling and how much time I still had left in the dark. But I managed to get through. The good part is that because it was so rough the entire time, my mind couldn't wander too far and I was able to gather myself back up and truck along. The night moved so slow; I thought it was never going to get light out.”