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Waterman League Announces 2015 Schedule

The Waterman League officials are proud to announce the schedule for both the Stand Up World Tour and the World Championship Racing Series. It seems that the upcoming season will be a busy one, packed with world class action.

The 2015 Stand Up World Tour will be featuring an ideal mix of iconic surf destinations:
1. Hawaii Opener: Sunset Beach Pro & Turtle Bay Women’s Pro: 6th – 18th February
2. Brazil Pro Grand Slam: Sao Paolo: 11th – 21st April
3. Tahiti Pro: 30th May – 6th June
4. Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam: 26th September – 4th October
5. La Torche Pro France: 24th October – 1st November
6. Mirleft Pro, Morocco: 6th – 13th November

And the 2015 World Championship Racing Series will feature a dramatic line up of events and iconic destinations as well:
1. UAE: Location tab early January: 4th – 7th March
2. Brazil Pro Grand Slam, Sao Paolo: 11th – 12th April
3. Location tba early January 2014: Date window: May / June
4. Fehmarn World Cup, Germany: 7th – 9th August
5. Kanagawa Pro, Japan: 4th – 6th September
6. Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam: 2nd – 4th October
7. World Series Finals at Turtle Bay: 16th – 18th October

We’re looking forward to see the best riders in the world competing in the finest watersports locations on earth pretty soon.