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Werner Paddles Presents the Rip Stick HD Features

The Rip Stick HD from Werner Paddles is a powerful weapon, created for surfers. It is designed to provide the rider with more power and boost, while requiring less physical effort. It was launched at the end of last year and has proven to be a hit with elite and even casual riders.

The paddle features a smaller blade size, which allows for a higher cadence for bursts of speed, with a low-profile that won’t trip up when executing turns. An innovative double concave dihedral in the power face of the blade generates increased power boosts when needed.

At the same time, special power pockets accelerate into more waves, outrace outside sets and blast over foam piles, while the double concave shape of the blade face creates a super stable stroke, for all the crazy angles you find yourself paddling.

You can check out the features of the new paddle from Werner in the clip below.