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YOLO Board Relay Race and Mileage Builder Series Schedule

YOLO Board is not only a top designer and manufacturer of high performance SUP boards and accessories, but also one of the brands that support the development of SUP surfing across the world. The Florida based SUP company promotes this sport through a series of events as the Relay Race Series and the Mileage Builder Series.

This year, the YOLO Board team will organize the 5th edition of the Relay Race Series and the 2nd edition of the Mileage Builder Series. Both events will take place on Florida's Emerald Coast at Watercolor and Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.

The Relay Race and Mileage Builder Series are open to all SUP enthusiasts. The schedule for the competitions is as follow:

May 24 - Relay Race Series #1
May 26 - Mileage Builder Series #1
June 14 - Relay Race Series #2
June 22 - Mileage Builder Series #2
July 19 - Relay Race Series #3
July 21 - Mileage Builder Series #3
Aug 9 - Relay Race Series #4
Aug 11 - Mileage Builder Series #4

To find out more about these races and register, please visit the YOLO Board website or call 850-622-5760.