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Bob McTavish: 50 Years of Board Shaping History

Bob McTavish is considered one of the most important riders and board shapers in surf history. He started his activity as a board shaper half of century ago, back in 1962, when Scotty Dillon allowed him to progress from a sander to a full-time production shaper as he states.

Today, Bob operates McTavish Surfboards, one of the most appreciated board shaping companies in the world, company founded by Bob himself a long time ago. The first board shaped by McTavish Surfboards to have a major distribution on the market was the Bluebird. It was released back in 1972 and it was the world’s first production short-board. The Bluebird had a great success due to its top performance. Bob continues to shape surfboards that take surfing to a new dimension today.

Bob says: “Since then I’ve shaped tens of thousands of boards - Logs, Cruisers, Involvements, Plastic Machines, Trackers, Hulls, Eggs, Down-railers, Mini-guns, Full Guns, Tri-fins, Twin-fins, Bluebirds, Twinzers, Stubbies, Asymetrics, Thrusters, Windsurfers, plus all kinds of modern Longboards, Mid-lengths, Quads, Trimmers, Pintails and so on. I get a lot of enjoyment from my shaping, and the design process - It just doesn’t stop. After a few years working my books, movies and a few other personal projects, I am back in the shaping room daily - the planer is sharp, and the templates perfected. I’ve got a head full of ideas and a desire to build truly unique, personal customized creations. In 50 years I’ve shaped a lot of boards but to make an individual surfer’s dream board come to life is a special thrill.”

Bob McTavish will celebrate 50 years of board shaping history this year. He will do that by shaping the dream boards of true surf enthusiasts and ride beside them in an unforgettable session. Bob invites surfing fans to his McTavish Factory in Byron Bay to work on the design and crafting of a perfect custom board, shaped according to their particular needs. Customers can choose a particular board model to work on, or come up with their own original designs. When the work is done, they can take the board out for a spin together with the famous shaper.