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Electronic Shark Defense System Available

The Electronic Shark Defense System or ESDS is a special gadget designed for surfers that ride in shark infested waters. It is a light, waterproof and rechargeable device created to repel shark attacks. The device works not only for surfers, but also for divers, swimmers, kiteboarders and all the other watermen.

The Electronic Shark Defense System works by sending pulses through the water, straight to the shark’s sensory system and keeping it out of the signal range. The device does not interfere with the user’s movement and measures only 2.6 x 2.3 x 1.0 inches and weights around 7 ounces. It can be attached to the ankle. The device is programmed to turn on automatically when sensing water. It has battery autonomy of about 9 hours.

Wilson Vinano, developer of the Electronic Shark Defense System, says: "From the extreme testing that was conducted, we know this device works and keeps sharks away from the user."