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Firewire Introduces Two New Board Models

Firewire, one of the most prestigious brands in the surfboard design and manufacturing industry, has recently launched two new surfboard models for the 2012 summer season. The new boards, called the Minnie Driver and Baked Potato are evolved from the popular Driver and Sweet Potato models.

The Minnie Driver uses a fast, low nose rocker combined with a forward placed outline which makes it more agile and delivers a better drive. It also has a rounded tail which assures optimal control. The Minnie Driver works perfectly in smaller, real world surf conditions.

The Baked Potato features a slightly pulled in nose and packs less rail volume. This increases the rail to rail transfer performance. The special double concave and V bottom design propels it on the rail much faster than other boards. The Baked Potato works extremely well in smaller, weaker conditions.

To check out all of the features of these new boards and maybe purchase one or both of them, please visit the Firewire website.