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Garrett McNamara Stars in Big Wave Surfing Documentary

Garrett McNamara is known as a complete waterman and as a daring surfer and ocean explorer. He has been an extreme adventurer since he was born. Last year, in November, Garrett McNamara entered into the Guinness World Records for riding the largest wave ever. He dominated a 78ft wave Nazaré, Portugal. Garrett is currently engaged in several charity projects, but still on a mission to ride even bigger waves.

The renowned big wave surfer stars in an amazing documentary called 'GMac Big Wave Attack” which presents the core meaning of big wave surfing and it is split into three movies.

The first movie - The North Canyon - showcases his quest to discover the amazing underwater canyon which produces the huge waves in Nazaré, Portugal. It was broadcasted on Fuel TV a couple of days ago. The second one covers the story of McNamara’s Guinness World Record breaking wave and presents never seen before footage and the third one will be shot later this year and follows Garrett as he returns to Portugal in search of a bigger wave.

Until the full length first movie of the documentary series starring Garrett McNamara is available on the web, you can check out the GMac Big Wave Attack – The North Canyon teaser below. Enjoy!