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The Gold Medal Goes to France in the ISA Aloha Cup

The ISA Aloha Cup followed the prestigious DaKine ISA World Junior Surfing Championship competition on the 22nd, starting with 13h00. Just like the DaKine ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, the ISA Aloha Cup competition was packed with top surfing action. It is a team based event, which gathered eight teams in the battle for the title. Peru, Brazil, France and Hawaii were the final four teams left in the battle for gold.

Brazil and France were parted by a few points at the end of the final heat, with just one surfer left in the water. Brazil was represented by Matheus Navarro, but the talented rider could not catch any scoring wave and France won the battle in the end.

Xavier Delanne, Team France manages, said: “We’re really happy about this victory. We love the Aloha Cup because the team spirit comes into place in its best fashion. Our team stuck together, chose the right waves and surfed them wisely. We’re really happy about this Gold and we’re looking forward to tomorrow and watching our two surfers left in the event.”

ISA Aloha Cup Final Results:
Gold: France – 58.46
Silver: Hawaii – 57.77
Bronze: Brazil – 48.07
Copper: Peru – 37.43