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Inexpensive Boards Imported from Asia Affect the Australian Surf Board Industry

It is well known that products manufactured in Asia are much cheaper than other similar products manufactured in Europe, USA or Australia.
When it comes to Surfboards, Australia is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers. This is about to change with the arrival of Asian surfboards that overwhelm the local market. For instance, a surf shop operated by Neil Rech on the Gold Coast sells Chinese boards for a more than decent price. We don’t know if these boards have the same quality as the Australian manufactured ones, but they definitely appeal to surfers on a budget.  He is not the only one that sells these boards.

Faced with this problem, the Australian board manufacturers have to revise their strategy. They are forced to lower construction and retail prices, apply their brand to products manufactured abroad or, in the worse scenario, close their business.

It is a fact that the demand for Australian boards has decreased over the last years on the local market. These imports are intended to stimulate the local market, but not always cheap products offer top quality. When purchasing a surfboard, make sure you spend your money on a quality product that it is guaranteed to last.